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What is a Solution Focused Marriage? In short, it is a marriage based on solutions and not problems, a marriage based on successful habits and not problem patterns. The Solution Focused Marriage is a marriage program – based on the book of the same title – that teaches couples how to implement habits into their relationship to have this type of marriage. The ideas behind this book derived from both the ideas of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and the work of Solution Focused Brief Therapist, Elliott Connie. Mr. Connie has written 2 books previous to this one, “The Art of Solution Focused Therapy” and “Solution Building in Couples Therapy”. Both of these books focused on teaching mental health professionals to use the Solution Focused Approach in their work.

However, Mr. Connie always desired writing a book that would allow couples to use these ideas in their homes. This desire eventually led to writing the book, “The Solution Focused Marriage”. It is a book that takes the Solution Focused ideas and allowing the reader to apply them in their relationship for an immediate impact. In working with thousands of couples, Mr. Connie noticed that there were certain habits that have a drastic and long lasting impact on relationships, regardless of problems that may be present. These habits are:

1. Have a goal for your relationship
2. Take Credit for the Honeymoon phase of the relationship
3. Communicate about progress
4. Continue to date
5. Function as a partnership

This book explains what each of these skills entails and exactly how to make these habits a part of your relationship. Whether you are starting your relationship or if you have been together for decades, whether you have been sailing along smoothly or if some problem has popped up and made the seas a bit choppy, learning these tenets could make the difference and take your relationship to another level!


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