The “Reasons I Love You List”

Want to know a tactic that can improve your relationship immediately? Keep reading.

Here is a simple thing that anyone can do to bring out the very best in your relationship and your partner. It is called the, “Reasons I Love You List” and here is how it works. It has three steps.

Step1: Secretly begin making a list of all of the reasons/things you love about your partner. Be specific and detailed as you construct this list. Think of the reasons you fell in love with your partner, think of the things they currently do that please you still. Think of everything you can!

Step 2: Go over the list with your partner, simply reveal to them what were the details that caused you to fall in love. Hold nothing back, tell your partner everything you thought of.

Step 3: Since it is highly unlikely that you remembered absolutely everything about your partner when you sat down to construct your list, place the list in a public place in the home (the bathroom, refrigerator, etc.) and add details to it as they come to you each and every day.

Beware! Relationships that implement this tactic may be transformed into more loving, intimate and overall happy couples. If you are among the ones that experience this side effect. Do not worry, you are not alone. Almost all of us enjoy knowing that the person we are in a relationship with loves us enough to keep thinking of the reasons why they are still in love. We all enjoy knowing that our partners are still noticing the our very best traits. Nearly all of us respond immediately and positively in an environment like this.


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