Love in Action

If you love someone, treat them that way always! It is shocking how often we talk to our partners in anger or frustration, not sounding like we are talking to the love of our lives. Words are powerful and can never be unsaid, so, make sure you are using words to always make it clear that your love is present even in times of frustrations and anger, remember you are talking to the love of you life, remember you are talking to your life partner.

Always treat your partner as if your love is present. When we love someone it should show, it should be present in the very way we treat our partner. Someone watching you from a far should see love, should be able to detect the presence of deep love. Even when a problem arises it should be clear that the problem has not over come the love.

This is the “secret” to having a happy marriage, walk it, talk it, act it. Even when it is hardest. In fact, especially when it is hardest. It is easy to be happy when everything is running smooth, strength comes from being loving when it is toughest. This is where the relationship strength grows and each partner benefits.

Elliott Connie

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