Marriage is NOT conditional!

The truth is most of us do marriage wrong. Many people ask me, “why do so many marriages fail”? Though I am not sure I have the exact answer, I am convinced that a lot of us go about the activity of marriage all wrong. We don’t do this on purpose of course, it is just human nature.

For instance, have you ever been tempted to do something nice for your partner but opted not to due to the fact you are currently arguing or you do not like your partners recent attitudes or actions? Based on my experience as a marriage counselor I suspect the answer for too many of you is “yes”. This is a mistake, this leads to the erosion of a marriage. Be kind to your partner always! Not because they deserve but because they are your partner with whom you are in love and promised to love forever. Not because it is good for them but because it is good for you to be the best partner that you can be.

You deserve the outcome of this type of commitment. A marriage commitment is not only a promise to made to another person, it is also a promise made to oneself. A promise to be the very best one can for the rest of life, to be there, to allow one’s very best to bring out the very best of another. When partners work to ensure their treatment of one another is not conditional, love continues to flourish, even in the presence of problems.

Elliott E. Connie

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