Relationship “fitness”

If you want to make a change in your relationship, stop focusing on changing the relationship, instead the focus should be on changing the habits within the relationship. Habits! They are the single most important part of our lives and thus our relationships. You are what you do, so if you do loving and together type things, then that is exactly what kind of relationship you will have.

Think about it. If you see someone with a very fit body, defined muscles, a flat rippled stomach, then you should begin to wonder, “what habits do they have to support such fitness”? Sits ups, jogging, etc., well, the same should be thought with loving couples. Hand holding, kissing, compliments, these are the habits that increase a relationship’s “fitness”. The best way to accomplish any goal is to shrink it, break it down into doable pieces. Too often we set goals that are too big and thus get discouraged and reduce our ability to complete the task. We should not try “fix the relationship”, that is simply too big. Just as going to the gym to get a six pack would be too big, you simply have to focus on doing the exercise habits daily that would lead towards a physical change. Changing relationships are the same, just focus on changing the relationship one positive habit at a time. Then an increase in happiness and positivity would be inevitable.

Elliott Connie

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