Do you remember the very first time you met your partner? The very first time you realized you were meeting someone that would change your life forever? That must have been a special moment, it must have a moment that you would like to relive over and over again.

How often do you and your spouse talk about that moment? How often do you recall this moment to your friends and others close to you? In fact, how often do you to tell those close to you about the very best of your relationship at all? It is easy for us to begin to complain about the difficulties of our relationship or gripe about some problem that has arisen between ourselves and our partner. However, if we want to get the best out of our relationship then we have to engage in the exact opposite behavior. We have to tell everyone who will listen about the right things in your relationship, about the very best of your partner. Don’t worry about people thinking you are bragging or showing off. Just do it!

Let everyone hear the best of your relationship and invite those close to you to share about the best of theirs. When it comes to our relationships we are either talking negatively or not talking at all. It is time to change this. Give language and attention to the best parts of your partnership and the actions of your partner. The constant flow of positivity will have the same impact as the typical flow of negativity, except this will be desirable and will also have a beneficial impact on your relationship itself.

Elliott Connie

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