So, how did you do that?

Have you ever looked at your partner and wondered, how did I do that? How did I get this amazing person to fall in love with me? Well, if you haven’t, you should. Being in love is not something that happens accidently, it happens because you were able to use the best of yourself to bring out the best of someone else. That is what makes a relationship so special.

This is important because when we take time to explore what the relationship was like when it was at it’s very best and how those very best times were created we improve the relationship immediately. Too often couples overlook the best times and become focused on the problems. We focus on what we don’t like, what we want our partner to change or life’s challenges. Instead we should focus on our best traits and the way we use them. By focusing on the good times we inevitably become more knowledgeable about how to overcome the challenges that occur within the relationship.

To overcome any challenge or accomplish any goal we need talent, we need resources. The very fact that you have partnered in a relationship that has had a successful past is evidence that you have the talent and resources within you to tackle any problem that may come up. You just have to have the ability to attend to those talents and use them. This requires purpose and conversation. Talk to your partner as often as possible about why you love them and what they love about you. I promise, both of you will be glad you did.

Elliott Connie

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