Thankfulness. This is a powerful word in a relationship, in fact, this idea is so powerful that all over the America families are gathering together expressing thanks for all of the wonderful things in their lives. Don’t forget to be thankful to your partners, and please don’t only be thankful on this holiday.

Be thankful all year around, be thankful all the time, express to your partner with detailed examples about what you love about them. Make this a daily habit, make this an all of the time thing. Make sure your partner is more aware of what you appreciate about them than they are aware of what you would prefer they change. This is where love flourishes, this is where love becomes powerful. The true essence of love can dominate even the most powerful of problems but only if you allow it to, only if you make loving habits a part of your daily lives. Please, add this to your daily way of life.

Elliott Connie

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