The Power of Love

Love. It is a powerful word, but an even more powerful practice. That’s right practice. How many among us actually practice love, actually practice doing loving actions, loving actions done in their lives frequently. Can you imagine what would happen to your relationship, your life and even our world if we did?

In his book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell promoted the idea that anything we do for 10,000 hours we gain mastery over. That is to mean that anything we practice, the more we do it, the better we get at it. I have thought about this and it makes me wonder, how many of us are practicing love? How many of us devote time in our days to do loving actions in the same way that Michael Jordan devoted time in his day to practice basketball? If we did, it stands to reason we would get as good at love as he did at basketball. Instead, we accidentally allow our days to get bogged down with the daily activities of life and we forget the most important skill that needs to be practiced. Love. We start focusing on what we would like our partners to change and not showing them the love and attention to leads to the most blissful relationship. We eventually take for granted that our relationship requires work and begin to focus on what our partner is not doing or is doing wrong than doing loving actions.

So, I want to encourage you to do what we do with everything else in our lives that we want to get better at. We practice. Think of loving your partner as a skill, a skill that needs to be constantly improved upon and mastered. Do something everyday with the sole purpose of getting better at loving them the way they deserve to be loved, the way that leads to a strong, long lasting mutually beneficial relationship. Become the Michael Jordan of love.


Elliott Connie

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