The Power of Smiles

Can you create a smile on your partners face daily? This is such a simple and powerful goal, and yet it is one that we forget to do for our partners. We forget that the activities that create smiles are the same actions that create happy relationships.

The good news is we all have this ability, in fact we are built for it. We do this so naturally that in the beginning of the relationship just the thought of your new partner was enough to put this smile on your face and create the motivation for you to trigger your partner to smile as well. However, life often becomes so complicated and difficult that we forget just how powerful and special these moments are. Instead we focus on work, problems with the children and the drudgery of household tasks. The small things that used to frequently appear in your relationship triggering smiles are now replaced by negative interactions that trigger arguments.

Do this simple thing to reverse this habit, do this simple thing to rediscover the power of smiles in your relationship. Intentionally do something every day with the sole purpose of making your partner smile. Sit back and enjoy the relationships growth!

Elliott Connie

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